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OUR SHOWS Gimme ABBA have been performing this fabulous tribute for over 19 years, and in 2019 we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary!

We are based in the United Kingdom and our show is available for all types of events and venues worldwide including arena and theatres tour shows, festivals, music venues, cruise ships, casino and hotel theme nights, corporate occasions, private parties, holiday centres, universities and more.

Just some of the locations we have performed include France, Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and of course across the United Kingdom, including Guernsey and the Isle of Wight.

Abba’s music has stood the test of time and is a testament to the exceptional song writing of Benny and Björn and being able to perform them for you is both a privilege and an honour, and one that we do not take lightly.

The show comes with a repertoire that draws from the greatest hits of Sweden's most famous export. This truly is a complete and superb ABBA show, packed with all the popular songs everyone knows and loves, in addition to some for the most ardent ABBA fan.

We are confident that this is the best Abba show you will see this year!

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THEATRES After 20 years of performances, Gimme Abba are now established as one of the best loved UK tributes to Abba! This unique stage show has developed over the years into more than just another ABBA tribute show, reproducing the charismatic stage presence of the flamboyant and glam front four.

The humour, energy and enjoyment generated on stage delights audiences and provides a light hearted side to the show without compromising any of the iconic music known and loved by millions. The many costume changes, choreographed dance routines, superbly crafted harmonies and instantly recognisable guitar and piano riffs come together to re-create that original Abba party fee and truly encapsulate the 70s era.

When programming our specialised Theatre show into your schedule, you get more than "just" ABBA. Alongside the main four, you will see the addition of our drummer, and up to five additional members. However, the fun does not stop there! Depending on venue and production size, we also have our massive LED screen, moving heads, backdrops and special effects that give an additional WOW factor to the performance.

Show duration: 2 x 60 minutes with 20 minute interval. FESTIVALS We love our theatre work but festivals... now they are special!

We thrive on the entire festival experience; the culture, the fashion, the mud, the calm anticipation of meeting the audience in their painted faces and that backstage buzz when meeting other artists and crew before the show. The quick turnover of bands seems seamless from a far, but when the time arrives it transpires into what looks and feels like organised chaos. There really is no better feeling than being at a festival.

This production has performed many festivals such as the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, The 70’s Big weekend festivals, Mosfest, The Tour De France Festival, The Kia festival in Holland and the Ghaxaq Festival in Malta to name just a few.

“Over 20,000 Revellers, moving and grooving to the sounds of Gimme Abba WOW! Thank You for a wonderful superb ‘Top of the bill’ performance, a brilliant finish to a perfect day”
Ghaxaq Festival, Malta

“What a great crowd last night in the Market square at the Ripon ‘Tour de France’ event the revellers sang loud and danced all through the 90 minute set. Thousands of arms in the air waving to Super Trouper was certainly a sight to behold, Glastonbury-esk”
Le Grand Depart, Ripon

“Energy that can smash main stages across the world"

The show can be booked to perform for any duration; our top of the bill 90+ minute set, a 45+ minute support set or anything in-between!

Additionally, we can also be booked along with our big LED video screen covering up to 18sq meters of stage area to make your festival stage explode with colour! This can be booked for the whole day or the entirety of your event! ARENAS & MUSIC VENUES The show we do in music venues such as The Ironworks (Inverness), The Globe (Cardiff) and Leamington Assembly turns it up to 11! Our fast moving concert show knows no bounds and rocks the audience for two hours straight with no interval. This is a performance worthy of the praise it receives, we will let the video speak for itself...

A show that your audiences will not forget and one not to be missed. Your venue could be next! OTHER/PRIVATE EVENTS Our show is available to book for your private event!

If you have read the descriptions of the different shows we offer, you may be thinking that our production is simply too big or expensive for your event or venue. Well, we are happy to inform you that is not the case! We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating to most venue sizes and budgets, we often do performances that leave clients astounded at the amount of professional stage equipment we manage to provide, creating an atmosphere never before seen in their venues!

This complete and super show comes to your event with a repertoire that draws from the greatest hits of Sweden's most famous export, packed with the sounds of this iconic pop group’s most well-known songs to re-create that original ABBA party feel.

All shows come with production elements, if required;
Pro LED touring stage lights, moving heads, backdrops, special effects and our Pro HK P.A sound system along with a sound technician to ensure a quality sound in almost every venue dimension. Furthermore, we also have available our LED big screen backdrop to make the stage explode with colour!

Our shows are suitable for all age groups.